About Longhand Penman…..

This is the alias for Jol Martyn-Clark – recently retired from a life of teaching. The majority of which has been spent in Tertiary Education or FE in a school of Art.

I had done GCSE Art in the middle ’60’s and then A Level Art twice in the late ’60’s followed by a course in Technical Illustration. I never pursued it as a career, having married and a child on the way, who is now 42! I still have some of my work.

I have seen much great stuff – and at a loose end and having great admiration for our predecessors who had to use pens and nibs and ink – indeed we did at school, think late 1950’s and early ’60’s decided to give it a go!

Hopefully make some people happy by bringing a personal touch to my communications!        Longhand Penman is a sort of buzzy commercial name, maybe it will end up as some sort of commercial venture.


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